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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the allowed age to be granted admission to the casino?

You can admit yourself when you are 18 years old or older during the time of your admission. This is accordance with the visiting and gaming regulations of Balloon Artistry Casino. A valid picture ID (with birthdate) is required.

Does the casino have a current dress code?

Although we do not strictly implement wearing a specific type of clothing, we would like to request our guests to wear the appropriate attire. Examples would include an evening gown, suit & tie, blazer or jacket.

How do I pay at the casino?

You can pay in cash. You can also pay using your bank card, or the following credit cards: Master Card, JCB, or Visa.

Do you have an admission charge?

No, there is no admission charge.  On admission, all visitors receive a bonus ticket allowing him or her to get welcome chips worth $30 to $35.

What are the requirements for the registration?

It is required to present a valid Identification Card pertaining your birth date. This allows us to appropriately identify our guests before admitting to the casino. Your security is very important to us.

Player and Data Protection

Player and Data Protection

Player Protection

Going to a casino is supposed to let you play games in a composed environment and offer a stimulating leisure-time experience. Many individuals play games in a responsible manner and in observance with their means. Balloon Artistry Casino is aware, however, that involvement can become difficult in individual circumstances. We, therefore, notify our guests what we do – and what they themselves can do – to make sure that gaming remains to be an engaging satisfaction.

Data Protection

Balloon Artistry Casino and its derivatives provide quality games and entertainment. Dependability, substantial experience, as well as an intense level of knowledge and understanding concerning our exceptional socio-political responsibility in the gaming industry pledge trust and confidence on the part of customers, guests, shareholders and most importantly the accountable licensing authorities, including the American government.

Our website provides information regarding gaming risks and preventing compulsive gaming.

Certification Based on ACAA Standards

In 2012, Balloon Artistry Casino was one of the first companies in America certified for its reliable gaming management system under the ACAA standards. Last 2014, the test was repeated and the company successfully received its re-certification.

To Mobile or not To Mobile at the Online Casino

To Mobile or not To Mobile at the Online Casino

Online casino gambling is nothing new, but it has started to jump to new platforms. Mobil online gambling has become a very hot new options for fans of great casino games. You can now download the same great software featuring all the top online casino games for your mobile unit as you would for your home PC. This offers a nice option for gamers on the go who wish to play at online casinos outside of the home. The world is a changing place and keeping up with the latest technology isn´t always easy.

Eduardo Agami, CEO of SBG Global made this remark about mobile online casinos: “I am extremely excited by the opportunity to make our available worldwide on cell phones, PDAs, Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and wireless laptops.” Can you use credit card at casino.

This is just one of the latest developments to hit the internet gambling world by storm. Most the top online casinos offer software in a variety of flavors, from standard download to flash and now mobile games as well.

What´s more, it is all free. Players can even enjoy free games on the go and practice from anywhere they want.
CEO Richard E.

Bennett of SmartVideo Technologies recently commented: ” This is another example of how we are executing our strategy to deliver compelling content to our audience, which generates meaningful and diverse revenue streams. We firmly believe that compelling content and strong distribution channels we have announced recently are the critical keys to achieving our financial objectives.”

Increasing number of Scottish women use online gambling to escape reality.
According to news.scotsman.com an increasing number of Scottish women use online gambling to escape depressions and failed relationships.
“The study, by an academic at the University of Dundee, also says easy access to gambling is likely to be a hidden cause of homelessness.”
“Lesley McMahon, a research fellow in the school of town and regional planning at the University of Dundee, said women are keeping the problem secret because they believe they will be refused help from social services if the root cause of mortgage arrears or debts is revealed.”
“A spokesman from Gamblers Anonymous in Scotland said it was receiving an increasing number of calls from women in Scotland concerning the issue.”

Texas Hold ‘Em: Enjoy the Challenge and Allure of Poker

Many people enjoy playing Texas Hold ‘Em in the form of an easy-to-play cash game. When playing in groups, however, this popular card game is often played tournament-style with each player allotted an equal number of chips at the start. Each player is eliminated from the game after using all their chips. The objective of Texas Hold ‘Em played tournament-style is to acquire as many chips as possible, and the last player holding chips wins the game. The ranking of hands is the same as in standard poker. Prior to the dealing of each hand, two designated players ante the “small blind” and the “big blind.” Traditionally, when players are seated at a table, these two are the first two seated to the left of the dealer.

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